Lifting Equipment – Cranes

Cranes are a commonly used piece of equipment to help with lifting heavy goods. Today, we are going to share with you some of the different types of cranes, how they work, and their uses. Helping you to decide which will be the best for you and your company.

Free Standing Jib Cranes
This type of crane is not necessarily for lifting, but for moving large quantities of objects from one area to another. They need to be anchored either to the floor or wall to be used safely. A free standing Jib crane can work with either a manual or electric hoist, helping you to lift and move heavy equipment of up to 1000kg. This is the best type of crane if you just need to be able to move objects from one set area to another without moving the crane.

Davit Cranes
This is another type of crane which is much more suitable for lifting equipment. A Davit crane can be either fixed or portable, making it more suitable for a larger range of businesses. With most of them coming with adjustable boom lengths, arm lengths, and heights, the choices are endless. Like the Jib Crane, you can also decide if you would like a manual or electrical hoist. Due to them being portable they are perfect for people who wish to rent one out of a period of time.

Engine Cranes
Engine cranes can also be known as Shop Cranes. These are one of the more popular types of cranes due to it being on wheels which makes them extremely portable. Perfect for warehouse work where you may need to move it around the room. This crane works using a hydraulic system, meaning you will need to pump the cran yourself. You will also mainly find these in the automotive industry lifting heavy engines which may not have been able to be moved without it.


Forklift Truck Attachments and Their Uses

Forklifts are a very handy tool in the workplace. Offering you the option to transport many items across the site with ease. Today, we are going to share with you some forklift truck attachments and what they can be used for.

Forklift Jibs
A Forklift Jib is essentially a hook attachment for your forklift. This attachment turns your forklift into a multipurpose piece of lifting equipment. They will generally remove the need to hire a crane for lifting goods. With you being able to attach other items to the forklift using loops onto the hooks. Making it easier for you to transport lots of goods around the construction site. This attachment will help you to save money due to the need for a crane to be replaced with this simple forklift attachment.

Drum Handling Attachment
As the name suggests, this forklift attachment offers you support with handling drums and barrels. This essentially works with a clamp attachment which will hold onto the barrel or drum. Making it easier for you to transport these around your site. This is a good attachment to use if you have hazardous materials in the barrels as this will mean you do not need to touch them with your hands. Prevent any injuries from the material inside.

Hopper Attachment
A hopper attachment for your forklift is essentially adding a bucket to your forklift which can be emptied with a push of a button. This can be used for transporting bulk items as well as hazardous materials. This attachment can also be used to collect shavings. It can also be used to collect any debris, with an easy way to transport this away from your site.

These are three of the many forklift attachments that can be offered to you. All offering excellent purposes that will save you money on hiring multiple pieces of equipment.


Basic Safety Equipment For Construction

Safety on construction sites is always key. The aim of any place of work should always be to keep all workers safe. Today, we are going to share with you the basic safety equipment needed for every construction site.

One of the most basic and commonly used pieces of safety equipment on construction sites are hard hats. These are used to protect your heads from any possible falling debris. It is common for debris to fall from above when working on a construction site, this is why hard hats are needed.

Another piece of safety equipment you should always have is high vizability clothes. These allow all workers to be visible at all times. Ensuring you are always visible helps to keep everyone safe. High vizability clothes are especially important when working with heavy equipment as these can cause serious injuries.

These are the main two basic pieces of safety equipment that every construction site needs to use.


How Has Worker and Site Safety Improved?

Worker and site safety has had a massive change across the US. With there being more precautions put in place to keep everyone working safely. With the discovery of Covid-19, there has needed to be many changes put in place to ensure the safety of the workers is kept to a high standard. One of the main changes you will notice on construction sites is the workers wearing face coverings when they are working in close proximity to others. Helping to stop the spread of the virus on their construction site. Another noticeable change which has been made to protect the safety of the workers is temperature checks. These will occur before entering the site, with you only being able to enter if you do not have a temperature. This is again to control the spread of the virus. You will also notice that construction workers are wiping down surfaces on equipment they may be using to again stop the spread.


3D Printing In Construction

3D printing is taking the world by storm, with more people and businesses discovering how they can use 3D printing to benefit them. The construction industry is not one which has been left out, 3D printing has made an impression on the construction industry. 3D printing is essentially a long robotic arm which follows a design pattern to create what you have designed out of your chosen material. This is going to improve the rate of construction, making buildings and other items take less time to build. This may be a worry for some construction workers, but don’t worry, there is still a job for you as the 3D printer can not do it all. 3D printing is currently being used for prototypes of constructions, to see how they will look beforehand. However, it is going to take time to progress to the stage of being able to construct with just this machine.


How Has Technology Changed Construction?

Technology has had a massive impact on the construction industry. Today, we are going to share with you some of the ways technology has had an impact on construction.

One way technology has had an impact on construction is the improvement in communication and contracts. You are now able to create and send your contracts and talk using technology. Meaning there will always be evidence of what was discussed and agreed upon.

Another, more recent way in which technology has improved the construction industry is the use of drones. Using drones on a construction site helps to give you a birds-eye view of the area. Giving you a new way to look and improve your work.

Augmented reality is another program which has been developed and is used in the construction industry. This allows you to develop 3D images on your computer or tablet to allow you to visually see what a future project will look like. Helping you to make the most of the area you have.


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