June 16, 2024

Lifting Equipment – Cranes

Cranes are a commonly used piece of equipment to help with lifting heavy goods. Today, we are going to share with you some of the different types of cranes, how they work, and their uses. Helping you to decide which will be the best for you and your company.

Free Standing Jib Cranes
This type of crane is not necessarily for lifting, but for moving large quantities of objects from one area to another. They need to be anchored either to the floor or wall to be used safely. A free standing Jib crane can work with either a manual or electric hoist, helping you to lift and move heavy equipment of up to 1000kg. This is the best type of crane if you just need to be able to move objects from one set area to another without moving the crane.

Davit Cranes
This is another type of crane which is much more suitable for lifting equipment. A Davit crane can be either fixed or portable, making it more suitable for a larger range of businesses. With most of them coming with adjustable boom lengths, arm lengths, and heights, the choices are endless. Like the Jib Crane, you can also decide if you would like a manual or electrical hoist. Due to them being portable they are perfect for people who wish to rent one out of a period of time.

Engine Cranes
Engine cranes can also be known as Shop Cranes. These are one of the more popular types of cranes due to it being on wheels which makes them extremely portable. Perfect for warehouse work where you may need to move it around the room. This crane works using a hydraulic system, meaning you will need to pump the cran yourself. You will also mainly find these in the automotive industry lifting heavy engines which may not have been able to be moved without it.